Korad, SUCh
Glimmergruvans Zmilla

Glimmergruvans Zmilla is Uzak’s half-sister – they have the same mother. Zmilla has always been very docile; she never bit anything to bits or caused any other problems. Of all my puppies so far she has definitely been the easiest one to handle. I have to admit that I wondered if she had any motor at all since she was always so modest. As you know, the common idea is that the more intense the puppy is, the more motor the dog has. But Zmilla has verified that there is “no rule without exemptions”. 

Since Uzak required a lot of training at the time when Zmilla came to us, she usually had to sit and watch when I trained Uzak. She was a little more than one year old when we started her training, most of all because of lack of time. When we started training at last I soon realised what a talented dog she was. She was enormously sensitive and learned very easily. Whatever mistakes we make usually depend on me – she always does her best.

Zmilla has a tempered personality, she is willing to work, loves people and she likes all kinds of training – tracking, searching, report or obedience. We have also tried hearding but unfortunately this takes far too much time so I don’t think there will be much hearding in the future. I think Zmilla is a fantastic dog with an unbelievable ability to concentrate and an on/off button like no other of my dogs.

Contrary to Uzak it very seldom happens that Zmilla and I don’t understand each other. I don’t know if it’s because I have now learned a few things about this breed or if there is some other reason.

In May of 2006 Zmilla mated with Cefeus Up to Date Mix and on the 9th of July she delivered four puppies – one male and three females. It was a fantastic experience to follow my first litter of puppies from the moment they were born till they were delivered to their new owners 8 weeks later. The puppies are called Pepsi, Pixi, Puma and Pysen. I had decided to keep one of the puppies and I chose Pixi. She has her own page and the rest of the puppies you can follow under Zmilla/Puppies.
Zmilla turned out to be a very good mother. During the delivery she looked like she had already had several litters, and as long as the puppies stayed with her she took very good care of them. She also showed very clearly when she thought the time had come to free herself from Pixi. I was a bit concerned when she started to get unfriendly towards Pixi, but after two weeks the separation was finished and everything went back to a normal flock of dogs where the puppy was an individual of her own.

After a lot of shilly-shallying, one of several suggested kennel names has been approved. Our kennel is now called Lilla Primtorpets Kennel.

Zmilla competes in the highest level in Tracking, level 3 in Searching and Report and Obedience Class III.