Easter 2007

Lilla Primtorpets Pixi is Zmilla’s daughter. Although I have had dogs for 27 years, this is my very first litter of puppies. To be able to follow the puppies from the moment they were born and then 24 hours a day for eight weeks has been an unbelievable experience. Zmilla’s breeder (Olle Johansson who, unfortunately, died some time ago) urged me many times to have puppies after Zmilla but I was very uncertain whether I should dare to. There are so many things that may go wrong and it is definitely not an easy decision. Already at an early stage I had asked “Pruppen’s” owner Lotta if I could use Pruppen for mating if I decided to take puppies. She thought it would be a good combination and she did not mind. This would then be Pruppen’s last litter. And, finally, I made up my mind and had a litter of puppies which I certainly have not regretted.

I had decided that if I had puppies, I would keep one of them and I also hoped that it would be quite a piranha. And a piranha I got – Pixi is the most energetic puppy I ever had. As Lotta said: “you should be careful about making wishes” and I certainly know now that she was right.
Pixi was the quietest one of the puppies and she had decided already in the puppy bed that she was going to stay at home. As I said, I had planned to keep the most intense one, but since Number One, as we called her in the puppy bed, wanted to stay, that’s how it had to be. I thought that she was going to be as quiet as her mother, but as the rest of the puppies moved out one after the other, she started to show who she really was: an unbelievably energetic puppy who goes at maximum speed every second that she is awake, and she hates it when she does not get all the attention. Looking at TV is something we do not have to think about because when we do she goes downstairs and starts to bark, and she keeps barking until one of us goes down to her. She is the one who should be in the centre and not a silly TV set.

A puppy as active as Pixi means a lot of work, but I still look forward to seeing if she will be as intense when it comes to working. So far I have seen only positive characteristics as regards the working capacity of this most determined young lady.

11 weeks